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Krystle Martin         


Height: 5'8

Weight: 138

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Dark Blond/Light Brown



Degree: BA Theatre Arts UCLA
Location: Hollywood, CA
Current US Passport

K1 Large.jpeg
Live Stunt Performance

AVENGERS ASSEMBLE              Black Widow / Fights / Rappel                                                                           Walt Disney Parks and Entertainment

MARVEL UNIVERSE LIVE!          Captain Marvel / Fights, Falls, Highfalls, Wirework, Misc. Stunts                Feld Entertainment Inc.
ALL FOR ONE                             Lead U.S. / Swordwork, Fights                                                                           SparkyJax Entertainment Inc.
SPECIAL EFFECTS SHOW          Full-Body Fireburn, Rappel, Two-on-One Fight                                              Action Horizons

Motion and Performance Capture

CRUCIBLE            Main Female, In-Game Movement         Amazon Games

CRUCIBLE            Facial and Performance Capture            Amazon Games

CALL OF DUTY    In-Game Movement                                  Activision

ELDER SCROLLS In-Game Movement                                  Zenimax

NDA Game          In-Game Movement                                  EA Games


911 LONE STAR                                           Co-Star               Brad Bruecker/FOX

THE DRESDEN SUN                                    Supporting        Michael Ryan

CHAMPAGNE                                               Supporting        Mike Ho

THEY LIVE IN THE GREY                             Supporting        The Vang Brothers

INCOMPLETE                                               Principal            Derek Bellard

THE LONG WAY BACK                                Principal            Steven LaMorte

DEAD OF WINTER                                       Principal            Roger Berard
IN THE STREETS                                          Principal            Henry Todd
CHERRIES ON TOP                                      Principal            Ruby Fink
REVOLVER                                                    Principal            Zackry Barclift
THE HOUSE ON TEDDY BEAR LANE         Principal            Chad Koeller
THE FURIES OF WAR                                   Featured            John Berardo
SHIFTING                                                      Featured           Mark Hampton
THE HOPE                                                    Supporting        Ariel Feng
THE HAWK                                                   Featured            John Berardo
DANCE OF DECEIT                                      Principal            Ryan Williams
MY CHEMICAL ADDICTION                       Principal             Ivan Guevara
THE GREEN ROOM                                     Supporting        David Baker
THE GAME DATE                                         Supporting        Royce D’Orazio



BUT A WHIMPER                                       Guest Star                Webseries
LONE WOLF MCCRAY                               Guest Star                Webseries
ADVENTURES OF SUPERSEVEN              Guest Star                Webseries
45 MINUTES NORTH OF SEATTLE          Co-Star                      Webseries



NEW WORLD ORDER                                Des                           UCLA, Act III
COMEDY OF ERRORS                               Courtesan                Solano Community College
MERRY WIVES OR WINDSOR                  Anne Page                Sacramento City College
TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA              Lucetta                     Sacramento Shakespeare Festival

Training & Workshops


  •     UCLA School of Theatre, Film, and Television: B.A. Theatre Arts- Acting

  •     Pro Actors Studio, Skyler Millicano: Ongoing Scene Study

  •     Michael Laskin Studio: Scene Study

  •     Kimberly Jentzen Studio: Cold Reading Intensive, Ongoing Scene Study

  •     Solano Community College: Graduate, 2-year Actor Training Program

  •     Mike Pointer: Commercials

  •     Clay Banks Studio: On-Camera

  •     Improv: LA Connection Comedy Theatre and Rapid Fire Improv

  •     Commedia dell’Arte: Accademia dell’Arte, Tuscany, Italy

  •     Stunts: Bob Chapin, Brian Herndon, John Moio, Paul Anthony Scott,             Gary Stearns, Steve Izzi, Christian Stokes, Tim Storms, Charles Currier

Special Skills

Stunts: Hand-to-Hand, Wirework, Rapier, Firearms, low falls, mid-falls
Dance: Waltz, East/West Coast Swing, Salsa, Tango, Ballet, Jazz, Belly dance
Job Experience: Lifeguard, Security, Server, Bartender, Costumed Character, Sales Rep, Nanny
Sports: Santa Monica Traveling Rings, Flying Rings, Flying Trapeze (Instructor), Swimming, Water Aerobics (Instructor), Archery, Soccer, Football, Frisbee, Softball, Rollerblading, Running, Hula Hoop, Horseback Riding, Rock Climbing, Bouldering, Rappelling, Belaying, Hiking


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